Template for Management Review?

Recently I was asked if I had a template to share for Management Review for ISO 9001:2015.
As templates go, I only suggest two things:

1) Make an agenda that includes all the clauses. Let us keep in mind of course:

   a) The difference between objectives (these are at more of a strategic level) and monitoring and measurement (done on a tactical basis, at process level)

   b) Nothing says all of the subclauses must be covered at one single meeting. While process performance should be covered frequently, other things such as changes that could affect the QMS could be reviewed much less frequently.

2) Use a SWOT analysis to review internal and external issues, opportunities and threats. This type of RBT is perfectly suited for management review. During this time, also review interested parties; discuss how they fit into the SWOT and if they, for whatever reason, are moving from the Relevant column to Not Relevant, or vice versa, and why. These are of course potentially issues that could be affecting the QMS.

I haven’t made a template, but I have seen many types used. My favorite has 3 columns: On the left is last meeting’s output, the middle has this meeting’s business, and the right has outputs. Next meeting, the right column moves to the left and they start over. I suggest it might make more sense though, for someone to keep it going left to right so as to make continuity easier for them to keep track of.

I guess that was a lot for “I only suggest two things.”