About “nonconforming” outputs in ISO 9001:2015

This week I was asked: “My company is now transitioning to ISO9001:2015. As I look at these documented information one question came to my mind: What is the difference between Clause 8.7 Control of Nonconforming outputs and Clause 10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action? Is clause 10.2 the action taken when a non-conforming product/service is identified (internal or external)?”
Outputs that have been non-conforming can be thought of as nonconforming product, but now it’s recognized that means services too. So the questions are:
1) How are they controlled to keep them from the final product or service
2) How they are managed: rework, accept with concession etc.
Let us note this now includes outputs from upstream: interactive processes that the final product/service depends on.
Corrective action is still a process all its own and is recognized to be for services also. It can be used for resolving what went wrong to make the nonconforming outputs, customer complaints, internal and external audits, and any time the organization wants to apply discipline problem solving process to address some internal point of their concern.